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Trinity 3D

Get triple benefits with Arena's Trinity 3D course. With this one course you can acquire skills in three high demand industries – Animation, VFX & Gaming. Gain variety of career opportunities by completing this premium 3-in-1 course*.

Trinity 3D trains you in all softwares & techniques of Animation, VFX and Gaming. On completing this course, you get to choose a career in any one of the three most creative industries with more skills in hand over others.

Animation Prime

Arena Animation Prime is a comprehensive training program which begins with acquainting the students with fundamentals and techniques of animation & later make them an expert in the same. This course provides complete understanding of the latest software and tools used in the process of animation. The program enables the students for an animation career where they can set their imagination free and express the same with the required tools & softwares.

The Animation Prime course offers complete training in all aspects of Animation to makethe students able enough to be employed & excel in the field of animation. This Program comprehensively trains students in below three key aspects across the duration of three term course.

Creative visualization which includes design basics, concepts, sketching and storyboards 2D animation concepts, graphics and editing 3D animation concepts, tools and techniques.

Animation Film Design

Arena's Animation Film Design (AFD) course prepares you for high-paying career options such as making films, creating shows for TV, computer games, mobile games, websites, media, and other exciting industries.

By 2020, estimates say that the Animation & VFX industry in India will be worth of a whooping ₹11360 crores* which needless to say has created a huge demand for animation in almost every media-related industry, and every company is looking forward hire trained professionals. So if you think you really want to make a career in the entertainment industry we at Arena, can help develop your creative & technical skills in animation filmmaking, & you will walk away with a professional work portfolio, to be a part of this dynamic industry.

The AFD program covers techniques of pre-production, anatomy design, animatics, visualization, character design & development, animation scene planning and 2D animation

VFX Prime

Some things are humanly not possible & that's what VFx is for! VFx Prime is a course which trains students to create realistic special effects that are used by the entertainment industry.

The course helps you create special effects for films, TV shows, ads, games, digital media, etc. You can learn 3D Modeling, Digital Sculpting, Character Animation, Rotoscopy, and more.

The Indian VFX industry is growing & by 2020, is expected to be worth ₹6350 crores*. Hollywood, Bollywood, TV shows, ads - each of these use visual effects to produce high-quality output. Make sure you don't miss the opportunity to be amongst highly-paid, in-demand & talented artists!

Vfx Film Making

We have all loved the animated characters from Hollywood & Bollywood films. These creative heads use VFX to produce awesome effects & realistic environments in films which are otherwise impossible to shoot. Through visual effects, the artists can make interesting things happen in movies – bomb blasts, natural disasters, flying objects, superpowers, etc.

This is a huge industry & needs talented, trained people and who wouldn't want to jump here where you get great salaries for the amazing film making process. In order to get there you have to create high-quality visual effects (VFX) for films, TV, advertisements & games. Arena's VFX film making program provides the right skills and training to make you job-ready for the industry.

Digital Advertising Design & Marketing

The Indian & multinational brands are heavily investing in online marketing & advertising. It's become easy to reach masses via the digital medium & design is what conveys a message to the best. So now when it comes to advertising agencies need a team of professionals from digital content creators to web designers to do their digital marketing and promotion.

Arena's Digital Advertising Design and Marketing (DADM), a comprehensive program provides you end-to-end training in digital designing and makes you job-ready.

Web Design

Having Online presence has now become a priority for all businesses, which has led to market expansion, creating space for designers & developers who can make graphically rich websites providing information & user friendly features to the end users. Graphics Web Design & Development (GWDD) is a program that trains the students to exactly do that. It provides the students the knowledge of various softwares used for Graphic Designing, Web Designing and Development which enables the student to create rich multimedia content, visually appealing websites, logos for advertisements, concepts of digital graphics, image editing for print & publishing, UI/UX, SEO, Content Management etc.

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